Our Facilities

We provide the most reliable
and secured facilities.

Get to know about SCBD Data Center facilities

Our data center facilities are designed, built, and operates using the highest-quality standards and complies with international benchmarks certification such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS and Rated 3 Certification.

Well-designed integrated facilities that will greatly support your data storage needs with optimum reliability. At SCBD Data Center, our facilities operate effectively with 24/7/365 monitoring from our professional team, thus minimizing potential risk and issues on your company’s most important assets.

We focused on key components such as electrical power, cooling systems, security system, DC cabling, and fire protection when building our strategically located data center. Power redundancy, strong network backbone interconnectivity, efficient cooling system, and strong security policy and compliance are all important aspects of our facilities.

It is our responsibility to safeguard your data running 24/7/365. SCBD data center excellent facilities aim to give you peace of mind when building your business in the digital world effectively.

SCBD Data Center Facilities

Our main facilities will support businesses thrive in the digital world without boundaries. We are here to support your business operate optimally and efficiently.


Power source and connection that are reliable and redundant are absolute requirements when we built our SCBD Data Center. Our main source of electrical power are coming from our trusted and reliable State Electricity Company (PLN). Our design of N+1 redundancy plan are equipped with the best backup generator system available along with Data Center Continuity (DCC) rate capability to support operational capabilities to keep running and minimize the percentage of downtime. Our N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that we have implemented also provides guarantee of high stability and reliability.

  • 2N power redundancy from State Electricity Company (PLN) • N+1 Genset
  • N+1 Genset
  • N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Modern Workplace

Workplace facilities that provide comfort will stimulate both productivity and creativity. Our data center various work facilities will support you to become more efficient. At SCBD Data Center, we design workspaces with contemporary architecture and provide comfort in every corner. We believe the workspace is crucial for developing the brightest creative ideas for the company’s business growth.

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Shared or dedicated BCP room business continuity plan
  • Shared or dedicated working space
  • Lockers
  • Pantry
  • Exclusive Lounge